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Set sail for a voyage to a world
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Long ago, a vast continent called Varanu was annihilated and all but the outer edge of the continent sank to the bottom of the sea. The devastation left only a scattered few to start rebuilding their civilization on a ring of islands…

  • Goblins Windskippers
  • Goblins Windskippers
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Vodari contains all of the iconic things you’d expect in a fantasy setting, but…

in a world with more water than land, much of the familiar becomes surprising and new. Dungeons can be found below the waves in the form of shipwrecks and lost cities. The most dangerous monsters are found below the waves, such as sea dragons, megalodons and krakens. Nature becomes as deadly as the most powerful monsters with furious hurricanes, catastrophic tsunamis, and fiery volcanoes.

The Seas of Vodari is designed for seafaring adventures that typically focus on the crew of a ship hunting sea monsters, exploring mysterious uncharted islands, visiting bustling port cities, following maps to find buried treasure, and battling cutthroat pirates. The setting is also well suited to running campaigns in its large port cities, with swashbuckling heroes getting mixed up with fierce rivals, notorious crime syndicates, feuding nobles, and scheming politicians.

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The Seas of Vodari Campaign Guide provides gamemasters (GMs) with material to run an entire seafaring campaign or just a single adventure. Fill your sessions with sea monster battles, exploring mysterious islands, and following maps to buried treasure.

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